Bathroom Design Trends

In-shower lighting is one of many bathroom design trends this year.

With the turning of the calendar year always comes a flood of lists for things you’ll need to do, see, or buy in the new year.  We can’t say we’ve avoided that trend, but we’ll bet you didn’t expect this one when scrolling through “Places you’ll need to travel in 2016!” or “Hottest Baltimore restaurants for the new year!” — we present to you: 2016 Bathroom Design Trends!  Courtesy of your Baltimore plumber.  

Stylish Sinks

Undermount sinks, a bathroom design trend that’s been around consistently since 2014, is one that’s still going strong.  Joining it this year are trough sinks, which we promise are much more elegant than they sound.  Sometimes referred to as a double sink, trough sinks are long and open, often with two or more faucets, serving both you and perhaps a significant other simultaneously.  They also provide convenience for the occasional washing of a large bulky item, or the frantic splashing of a toddler.  Once popular as a vintage style, trough sinks are making a comeback in 2016.

High Tech Showers

Another bathroom design trend that is gaining steam (pardon the pun) in 2016 in Baltimore is the introduction of futuristic shower heads.  Aside from the increasing popularity of square shower heads and fixtures, we’re also seeing a boost in water efficient and “smart” shower heads.  The former promises to lower water bills and conserve water in a time when states like California are experiencing historic droughts, while the latter may have the opposite effect, perhaps lengthening your shower a bit with some snazzy bluetooth speaker or colored-LED installed right in the shower head.  It’s also becoming quite trendy to install a light fixture above your shower, rather than relying on the main bathroom light  to illuminate your shower.  Whether your goal is to cut down on your water bill or to make your showers a bit more relaxing, you’ll still be quite à la mode with your bathroom remodeling project no matter which way you take it.  

Residential architects are reporting a strong demand for bathroom remodeling in 2016, and we hope that this list helps your project reach its maximum style and function.  Also check out our other bathroom remodeling tips before you get started on your new project.

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