Replacing a BathtubThe bathroom: it is the first place you visit in the morning and, more often than not, the last place you go before heading to bed. Because of this, it only makes sense to have a visually appealing bathroom. After all, no one wants to start the day in an old, dingy bathroom. That is a recipe for a bad day!

Bathroom Remodeling can be a great way to add functionality, visual appeal, and value to your home. This is especially true if you have an outdated bathroom. Remodeling could be just what the doctor ordered. However, before you jump at the chance to rip out your grungy Bathtub, step back, take a deep breath, and rethink your strategy. Replacing a Bathtub is not as Easy as You Think.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Replacing a Bathtub

  1. Remember the old adage, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race?” The same is true for bathroom remodeling. So stop what you are doing, put the hammer down, and pick up a notepad; it’s time to plan!
  2. Take careful Measurements down to the last centimeter. You want to ensure your new tub fits perfectly.
  3. What Fixtures do you want to replace? Maybe you want to replace them all. That is okay too! But do not forget to measure.
  4. Now the fun begins. Head to the store and Pick Out Your New Bathtub and Fixtures.
  5. It’s Demolition time! Start tearing out the old tub and whatever else you want to replace. But be careful not to damage any of the plumbing or any of the other things in your bathroom. If you are hesitant to do this yourself, pick up the phone and call Abbott’s Plumbing.

Abbott’s Plumbing, a 2nd generation family owned full service plumbing contractor in Baltimore, specializes in both kitchen and bathroom remodeling. So before you start tearing out your old bathtub, stop. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We guarantee you will not regret it. We pride ourselves in our outstanding quality, excellent communication, and fair pricing.

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