It’s one of every parent’s worst nightmares. Your child comes to you and tells you they sent their favorite toy for a ride down the toilet. Now the toilet is clogged up with a plastic action figure that lodged itself down past the bowl. What to do? There are a few things you can try, […]

Who doesn’t love a nice clean and warm shower? Especially now that we’re getting into the fall, it’s always great to wake up on a cold morning and jump in a warm shower. But if the shower isn’t warm enough, or if there’s mold on the curtain, that morning shower can lose its appeal. Fortunately, […]

Fall is upon us, and with it comes cooler weather. This could spell problems for your plumbing, especially any outdoor plumbing or pipes that aren’t insulated. Once the weather gets cold enough, pipes can freeze and burst, causing significant damage and requiring expensive repairs. But with a little proactive maintenance, you can prevent pipe freezing […]

Energy efficiency tips wouldn’t be complete without considering your water heater. In this economy, every saved dollar counts and with colder weather approaching, many may be wondering how they can afford to keep their hot water heaters on. Fortunately Abbott’s plumbing is here with a few helpful tips on cutting hot water costs so you […]

Looking for the best plumber in Baltimore? There are plenty of places to look for a plumber in Baltimore, but if you know what to look for, your search will be much easier. If you want the best plumber in Baltimore, follow these tips to find them! How to Find the Best Plumber in Baltimore […]

Is your water heater leaking in Baltimore? If water is pooling up under your water heater, it may be from a leak in the heater, but it could also be from several other water sources in the basement. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at how to determine if your water heater is leaking, and […]

Have you been noticing that your water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be? Low water pressure is a common problem in many homes. However, when you know the reasons why you have low water pressure, it is easier to fix. Look at these causes of low water pressure to see which one […]

  Old homes are notorious for having some kind of plumbing problem. This is almost inevitable, as older plumbing systems were made from components that had a limited shelf life and were bound to break down sooner or later. Any home that was built before 1960 either has had work done on the plumbing, or […]

Is the sink in your bathroom in need of a cleaning? Bathroom sinks tend to get dirty fast with soap scum, limescale, and other residues. Chemical cleaners are one option for sink cleaning, but these chemicals aren’t great for you or the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to chemical cleaners that do the […]

Low-flow toilets have been around for several decades now, but when they were first introduced, they were met with disapproval by many. Intended to save water on flushing, the early generation of low flow toilets were problematic. They often required several flushes, which ended up using more water than non-low-toilets did on one flush. Fortunately, […]






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