We’ve all been there: You’re doing the dishes and you have finally managed to whittle away at the giant stack of dirty dishes. You’re feeling accomplished for all you’ve gotten done until you pull up the stopper to let the sink drain and…nothing happens. Clogs in your sink’s u-bend are a common problem and luckily […]

Whether we like it or not, winter weather is fast approaching in the Baltimore area. With winter weather comes specific plumbing problems that can lead to huge headaches and major repair costs if they’re not handled appropriately. There are a few tricks that you should implement before freezing weather sets in to protect your home […]

The warm and damp environment of bathrooms are prime breeding grounds for mildew. While bathroom mildew is not nearly as harmful for you health as mold, its unsightly appearance makes it an unwelcome visitor in any home. If you have a bathroom with a bath or shower, you’ll likely have to deal with mildew at […]

It’s hard to believe that a tiny dripping faucet can have a big impact but when left unchecked, you can waste tons of money on plumbing leaks in your home. In fact, every year in the United States over 1 trillion gallons of water is wasted due to plumbing leaks! Save yourself money and lessen […]

Sadly, the pipes in your Baltimore home are going to need replacements some day. There will be people who just ignore this fact, but unless you do want to get leaks or floods, you are going to need to replace your pipes. Let’s take a look at when it is time to start considering a replacement.

With rising energy and water costs, saving money is becoming more and more important wherever you can. Luckily there are small and easy steps that you can take to start saving money on your bills today. Learn more about these quick energy and water saving tips in this week’s blog.

Drains are one of the most common pieces of plumbing equipment that needs to be serviced. Gunk and debris can quickly build up, leading you with a clog that only gets worse the longer you try to ignore it. Here are 3 signs that it’s time to call your Baltimore plumber to have your drains […]

Have you outgrown your current bathroom? Maybe a recent addition to the family means you need more space. Or perhaps you’ve decided you can’t stand to look at your circa-1950 pastel pink tile for another day. Whatever the reason, a bathroom remodel can completely transform your space and add value to your home. Read on […]

One of the biggest mysteries when buying a house is whether you’re also buying a house full of plumbing problems. While most prospective homebuyers know to check faucets and toilets for signs of low water pressure and other trouble, there are many potential problems that could be avoided by asking the current homeowner a few […]

We’ve all been there: you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands and you start to notice that the water isn’t draining like it used to. If you ignore it the problem only seems to get worse until it takes minutes for the basin to clear itself out. While no one enjoys dealing with a […]






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