Winter will be arriving in Baltimore before we know it so it is a great time to consider getting a new hot water heater. Older models are inefficient and cumbersome and investing in a new one can save you money on your energy and water bills. But how do you know which model to purchase […]

When it comes to kitchen plumbing, your first thought probably goes to the garbage disposal. A useful device when it’s working, but a nuisance when it’s not. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the chances that your garbage disposal will stop working. Plus, don’t forget about the other components […]

If you’ve heard banging sounds from inside your walls, this is actually more than just an annoyance. It’s known as water hammer, and banging pipes can lead to stresses that can cause leaks and other problems. How can you stop water hammer from breaking your bank account? Banging Pipes and Water Hammer Banging pipes are […]

Lowering your water heating costs is easy, but reducing your hot water usage can be difficult! Dishwashers, clothes washers and even showerheads can make your water heating bill costly. Telling your teenager to cut their shower time in half will help, but you really need to add the right fixtures to save money. Let’s take […]

Looking to save money on your water bill? You can start today! Even a small change can make a big difference as it adds up over time. Start to make a lot of small changes in the way you use water in your home, and pretty soon you’ll see it make a difference. Keep on […]

A sewer line break in Baltimore is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Until the line is fixed, you’ll experience plumbing backups in your home that will make it impossible to do pretty much anything involving water. Fortunately, a professional plumber with the right tools can find the problem spot in the […]

  While tankless water heaters are more efficient than standard heaters, you will still run into tankless water heater problems from time to time. Tankless water heaters can last for a long time, but you will need to perform routine maintenance checks to make sure it is operating correctly. There are a few common problems […]

While a bathtub can become clogged for a variety of reasons, there are several strategies to implement to unclog bathtubs. Although the buildup may seem slow, even the most pristine tubs will face clogging issues at some point. The severity of the clog will be unique in each case, but let’s take a look at […]

It’s always wise to hire a professional plumber when something is on the fritz, but you should still have a basic understanding of how bathroom plumbing works. A basic knowledge about plumbing parts can help you identify a problem quicker, and will help you understand the severity of the issue. There are five bathroom plumbing […]

Strange plumbing noises can make you feel like you’re living in a haunted house, but there is a rational explanation to those creepy sounds! Your plumbing is relied on pretty heavily each day. There does come a time, however, when fixtures and pipes start to wear down. This can result in a variety of strange […]






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