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How do I tell if my sewer has a problem?

If you suspect you need a sewer repair or replacement, the first thing you may notice is a back-up in the lowest plumbing fixture in the home, usually a basement toilet, shower, or utility sink. If your home does not have a basement than you could notice at the bathroom closest to where your sewage leaves your home.

You may have noticeable sewage backup in your home or yard which indicates a sewer line problem. But sometimes the symptoms like a gurgling toilet or slow draining bathtub are not so noticeable.  These signs do not always mean that the sewer needs to be replaced, it might just need some repairs. Call us at Abbott’s Plumbing and we can fix your sewage problems!

Some of the many reasons why your sewer line becomes clogged or leaks are:


Root infiltration

tree or landscaping roots penetrate the joints of the pipe



grease buildup, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes all can choke your pipes


Bellied pipe

portion of the pipe is lowers than the rest due to ground conditions or improper installation


Cracked or collapsed pipe

damage to pipes due to settling ground, ground water issues, etc.


Improperly installed pipe

existing pipes are constructed of substandard material that may have deteriorated or corroded



pipe / joints have begun to fail due to outside factors or they’re beyond their lifespan

Time to schedule sewer line repair?

The sewer line repair experts at Abbott’s Plumbing have the knowledge and technology to assess your situation and recommend the most cost efficient solution to repair the problem. We have repaired and replaced hundreds of sewer lines and have the tools and knowledge to save you money in your sewer line services.

If repair is not possible, and it’s time to schedule a sewer line replacement, the experts at Abbott’s Plumbing utilize the most advanced tools in the industry.

What Our Customers Say About Abbott's Plumbing

Chuck arrived right on time. He was knowledgeable and efficient. He worked quickly and resolved an issue from a previous plumber. He patiently fixed our sump pump. Highly recommended!
Katie Showalter

Chuck was very prompt and thorough. He explained everything that we needed done clearly. Professional and thoughtful - even cleaned our bathroom floor and shower floor after working. Thank you!
Margaret Decker

Fiber-Optic Camera Service

We offer a fiber-optic camera service which can view the inside of your sewer. This high-tech camera enables you and our expert technicians to visually see and determine issues on a monitor. We can then offer cost-effective solutions based on your individual problem.

Sewer Repair – Traditional Method

Sewer repair is typically made by trenching to gain access to the area of the pipe. A mini-excavator is used to open and back fill the excavation. We find that the rubber tracks on the mini-excavator do the least amount of damage to the property compared to the backhoe typically used in the industry.

Sewer Locator

Our sewer locator enables us to precisely locate water and sewer lines on your property. This prevents guesswork if excavation is needed.

Trenchless Repair

When sewer lines are laid, big trenches are made in the yard to place them in and the traditional way of fixing the lines is to dig up the lawn, garden beds and anything else that might be over top of them to access the entire pipe. With our trenchless sewer line repair, there are only two small holes dug out at each end of the pipe for access. This means there is less damage to the property, it’s quicker because large trenches don’t need to be dug, and the High-Density Polyethylene pipe used is joint free preventing root intrusion and cracking common in traditional sewer pipes.
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