Leaking shower heads can decrease the water flow and pressure you get in your shower. If your shower head is leaking, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new one. With a little maintenance, you can stop leaks in shower heads and get the water flowing again like it should be.


Fixing a Leaky Shower Head

There are two places from which a shower head can leak: from the arm connection, and from the swivel.

Fixing the Arm Connection

Using strap wrenches, unscrew the shower arm from the pipe. If you don’t have strap wrenches you can use a different wrench, but remember to tape the pipe so you don’t scratch it. Once the arm is removed, clean the arm threads. Next, wrap the arm threads in plumbers’ joint tape or coat them with a plumbers’ joint compound. The final step is to screw the head back on and get rid of extra compound or tape.

Fixing the Swivel

If the leak is coming from the swivel in the shower head, follow these directions to fix it. Unscrew the head from the swivel and look for the O-ring or other seal inside that is intended to keep water from leaking out. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new O-ring or seal, and screw the head back on. If it’s not damaged, check out the head itself. There may be accumulations of sediment that are causing it to leak, which you’ll need to clean out. Deposits that are built up can be cleaned by soaking the part in vinegar and scraping if necessary, but take extra care not to scratch any of the parts, as this could damage the shower head.

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