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We are willing to admit that maybe, just maybe, we are biased towards one side of the conversation when it comes to whether or not you should do it yourself or hire a plumber.  That is because at Abbott’s Plumbing, we have seen a LOT of projects gone wrong. There is nothing wrong with doing your own work in your home, but coming into a botched project too many times has us thinking about the benefits of calling Abbott’s to do the work that professionals do. Think about the following things:

Do you have the skills and qualifications to be doing the work? Do you have the confidence in your own ability to complete the work to regulation specification? Do you think that after you are finished, your kitchen would pass professional inspection?

Do you understand the size of the project and the amount of your personal time that it will take up? Do you have deadlines set for yourself? Is there a reasonable time line set up for the whole of this project?

How much will this cost you? Have you included the possibility for mistakes in your budget? Will the whole project become defunded if one thing becomes more expensive or has to be redone?

How closely do you pay attention to detail while you are working? Do you feel you have the necessary attention to detail to please your own sensibilities when it comes to the final project? If you work slower, does that mess your deadlines up?

Most importantly, if the answer is I don’t know, then the question of whether or not to wing it is almost always NO.

All of these questions are relevant to the project you undertake when you decide to do things on your own. Abbott’s Plumbing knows this, because these are the things that we take into consideration when we work for you. So if you are conflicted about your ability to do things on your own, let us put that debate to rest. It is much easier to maintain a home improvement project done well! We can handle it, don’t worry about a thing.

Abbott’s Plumbing, a Reputable Plumber in Baltimore, Maryland

A second generation family-owned , full service plumbing contractor in Baltimore, Maryland, Abbott’s Plumbing specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, but can repair most plumbing issues, as well. We have recently expanded our in-home estimating team, to quickly service your plumbing needs. Plus, all trucks are computer equipped to offer you better, on-time service.

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