There are several warning signs to look out for the may indicated your need for a sewer line replacement. Many sewer pipes can become clogged or broken, but there are a few signs that will give you clues as to whether it is a busted sewer pipe or if it is just clogged.


First it may be helpful to find the sewer pipe. You can locate your sewer pipe by going in your basement or crawl space and looking for a large pipe that exits through the wall of your house. Your city’s maintenance department can help you find the place where your sewer pipe drains into the sewer pipe of the city.

Here are a few warning signs that you may need a sewer line replacement:

  1. Standing Water – If there are puddles of water around where the sewer pipe from your home meets with the city’s sewer system, it is likely that the problem is a busted sewer pipe. Any soft or mushy spots around your yard in the vicinity of the sewer pipe is also an indication of a break.
  2. Smells Like Sewage – If there is an area outside your house that smells like sewage, it is most likely a broken sewer pipe. This also may be an indication of soft or mushy sewer spots in your yard.
  3. Flush Your Toilet – After you flush your toilet, if the water bowl doesn’t fill up to its original state, you may have a sewer pipe blockage.
  4. Check Your Drains – If any water is coming back up into your tub and shower or if water isn’t draining from your sinks, this is another sign of sewer pipe blockage. Also, listening to your drains for sounds of gurgling or if you have bubble coming up in your toilet, these are both signs that your sewer pipe may be clogged.

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