We all have experienced clogged drains. They are an annoying inconvenience which can bring the functionality of your kitchen or bathroom to a screeching halt, but fortunately, they are a problem that is easily solved with the right tools and know-how, while occasionally you may even need to enlist the expertise of your Maryland plumber. […]

Now that blizzard Jonas has come and gone, winter weather is officially upon the Baltimore region. Unfortunately, freezing conditions can wreak havoc on your residential plumbing system in a wide variety of ways. In today’s blog, we’ll give you an overview of some of the most common plumbing problems that come up in the wintertime. […]

If you own an older home, chances are high that you’ll have to deal with plumbing problems at one point or another. One of the scariest issues that homeowners run into are sewer line problems. No one wants to deal with the possibility of raw sewage coming into their home, but given that many sewer […]

Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in old ways. Some people eat the same lunch every day, potentially missing out on a world of cuisines they’ll never bother to try. Others take the same route to work all the time without exploring whether a new map might save them some time. If you’re […]

Plumbing problems are most homeowner’s worst nightmare and there is no more dreaded problem than issues with your home’s sewer line. Though these pipes are invisible, they play a very important role in your home’s plumbing system and, when something goes wrong, the effects can cause thousands of dollars to remedy. While there’s no way […]

With the turning of the calendar year always comes a flood of lists for things you’ll need to do, see, or buy in the new year.  We can’t say we’ve avoided that trend, but we’ll bet you didn’t expect this one when scrolling through “Places you’ll need to travel in 2016!” or “Hottest Baltimore restaurants […]

Everyone has faced garbage disposal issues or other plumbing problems at one point or another. Knowing what to do in these instances can save you time, money and frustration and keep your kitchen running smoothly. By understanding these common household problems and knowing some quick fixes, you will be set to tackle any garbage disposal […]

Heat tape is a necessity when you need to winterize your plumbing. It can save your pipes in cold climates where water lines are exposed to freezing temperatures. If you have ever experienced or just want to avoid broken or frozen water lines during the frigid winter. Insulating your pipes is necessary, but in the […]

According to the National Fire Protection Association, water heaters were responsible for 11 percent of fires started by home heating devices. While this in no way implies that water heaters are inherently dangerous, it does serve to remind us that improper use and neglect of your water heater could lead to problems down the road.

Let’s face it: No one enjoys dealing with toilet problems but if you own a home, chances are that something will go wrong eventually and you will be left to handle it. Luckily, many common toilet problems can be fixed quickly and easily with a little bit of know-how. In today’s blog, we outline common […]






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