Traditional gas and electric hot water heaters are similar in initial purchase price however, electricity costs more to use than gas. So over time, electric units tend to be more expensive to operate than home gas units.

Recent upgrades in energy-saving technology make gas water heaters even more efficient. The technicians at Abbott’s Plumbing can assist you in choosing a water heater that will be energy efficient and provide the right capacity for your household size.

Switching from electric to gas can add an expense because it may require installation of a gas line and venting for exhaust heat. However, if you already have gas available in your home, a gas hot water heater can be a good way to save on energy costs and provide an ample amount of readily available hot water for your family.

Gas heaters can have a slightly shorter lifespan, but the difference is not significant (12 instead of 13 years, for example). If you are not sure if a gas water heater is right for your household, give us a call and we’ll give you advice on the best product for your home.

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