Although gas is generally a cheaper energy source for your hot water heater, there are times when an electric hot water heater makes more sense. If a gas line is not readily available or space is limited, an electric water heater may be the best solution.

The technicians at Abbott’s Plumbing can assist you in choosing an electric hot water heater that will be energy efficient and provide the right capacity for your household size.

Electric water heaters can have a slightly longer lifespan. They have fewer parts and fewer parts subjected to heat so they typically outlive their gas counterparts. They don’t have a pilot light so you don’t need to worry about relighting a flame that accidentally goes out.

An electric water heater can be installed in just about any space without fear of gas buildup or venting requirements. There are some electric water heaters that are small enough to fit under a sink, in a closet or just about anywhere in your home.

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