We are just starting to feel the heat of summer, so it’s especially important to stay hydrated through bottled or tap water this time of year. If your tap water tastes a little bit off, however, you may chose to avoid it. This obviously affects your level of hydration, and you don’t want to face […]

Your home’s sewer line may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Sewer lines are the pipes that carry water from the water main to your home. Many sewer lines are old and in declining condition, making it more likely that a breakage could occur. Learn what the signs of a […]

So you’ve finally gotten fed up with how slowly your sink is draining and decided to do something about it. Before you pull out the chemical drain cleaner, read this blog! Chemical drain cleaners might get rid of the clog, but they’re not good for your pipes. Instead, try getting rid of the clog by […]

Sump pump failures can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Even the smallest amount of flooding can cause thousands of dollars due to water damage. When it comes to sump pumps, simple proactive maintenance can save you lots of money and prevent your basement from turning into a lake. Just like any other mechanical device sump […]

Whether it’s a clogged toilet, a leaky pipe, or a sewer backup, Baltimore plumbing problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Lots of homeowners are tempted to attempt a do-it-yourself fix when they encounter a problem. And there are a number of cases in which a DIY fix should do the trick […]

You may not pay much attention to your floor drain but you may find a day where you will run into a clog. When a floor drain is absorbing run off from appliances or hair and lint, it is critical to keep a floor drain fully functional at all times.

Plumbing leaks are bad news. They waste water, waste money, and could even cause water damage to your home. And what’s more, they’re fairly common. Did you know that three trillion gallons of water are wasted every year in the United States due to plumbing leaks? Not million, not billion, but trillion! And that these […]

It’s always great to step into a nice hot shower, which is why it’s just as dissappointing when the hot water runs out after you’ve barely been in there for a minute. Or maybe it doesn’t run out completely, but there’s a noticeable drop in temperature. Why is this happening? There are a number of […]

Low water pressure may be one of the most annoying plumbing problems out there. It’s not like the water isn’t working altogether, but it’s certainly not working well enough to do what you want it to. Whether the shower is too weak for washing yourself or the sink can’t rinse food off your plate, low […]

Mildew and mold love damp, warm environments, so it makes sense that your bathroom is one of their favorite places to grow in your home. The moisture from showers and baths often hangs around in the bathroom long after you’ve left, and this spurs mildew and mold growth that not only looks unsightly, but can […]






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